Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out the Company’s share price?

Compass Group PLC is quoted on the London Stock Exchange. Its share price is shown in the Investor Relations section. The share price is also provided in major international newspapers as the Company is a member of the FTSE 100.

Where is the Company’s registered office?

The Company’s registered office is at Compass House, Guildford Street, Chertsey KT16 9BQ.

Who are the Company’s Registrars?

The Company’s Registrars are Capita Registrars. Details can be found here.

What do the Registrars do?

The Registrars carry out share administration for the Company. Shares in Compass Group are held on the Compass Group register referenced by a unique shareholder account number and a share certificate. Quoting this number in any contact with the Registrars helps them to respond more quickly to your enquiry.

Do you offer any shareholder benefits?

We do not currently offer any shareholder discounts.

When is the AGM?

The AGM of the Company is usually held in February each year and the meeting date and location are confirmed in the annual report.  

What happens at the AGM?

The AGM is your opportunity to participate in certain Company decisions and it is a chance to meet your Company’s directors and senior managers and to ask any questions you may have relating to the Company’s business.

What if I cannot attend?

If you are unable to attend the AGM in person, you can still vote on the resolutions by completing and returning the proxy form sent to you together with the Company’s annual report and notice of meeting by the deadline indicated on the form.  Alternatively, you can cast your vote electronically by logging onto the Capita share portal on and using your unique shareholder number. 

If you have cast your vote electronically or by proxy, you can still attend and vote at the AGM. 

How can I find out what happened at the AGM?

Details of all the resolutions and the votes cast against each resolution are posted on the website following the meeting, and can be found here.

I am unsure how many Compass Group shares I hold. How can I find out?

Please contact the Registrars who will be able to confirm details of your current shareholding, and any past transactions. 

How do I notify you of a change of address?

Please contact the Registrars using the change of address form.

What happens if I change my name (e.g. if I get married)?

Please write to the Registrars enclosing a copy of your marriage certificate of change of name deed as evidence of your name change. If necessary, they can also then reissue uncashed dividend cheques if these are returned to them.

How do I transfer shares to my partner or a member of my family?

You should complete a Stock Transfer Form and return this to the Registrars with your share certificate. The Registrars will process this and return any balance of shares to you if applicable. Stamp duty is not normally payable if there is no money changing hands for the shares. Guidance is available from the Registrars.

How do I buy or sell Compass Group shares?

The Company’s ordinary shares can be bought or sold through most banks, building societies, stockbrokers or ‘share shops’. They all offer a similar service although the commissions they charge will vary.

A quick and easy online and telephone share dealing service is available in conjunction with our Registrars. Capita Share Dealing Services enables Compass Group shareholders to either sell or buy Compass Group shares. 

For further information on this service, please contact: (online dealing) 
Telephone: 0800 280 2545        (UK Freephone)
+44 20 7763 0041   (overseas)

My share certificate is lost or stolen – what do I do?

Please immediately inform the Registrars. They will send you a form of indemnity for completion before they can issue a replacement share certificate. There is a charge for this service.

I am acting as executor for a shareholder who has passed away – what action do I need to take?

You will normally need to send to the Registrars a copy of the death certificate together with a copy of the Grant of Representation. The Company’s share register will be updated with the name of deceased shareholder’s personal representative whilst the estate is finalised. Please contact the Registrars for further assistance.

I sold my shares but still receive mailings from you?

Please contact the Registrars for further assistance.

I receive more than one copy of shareholder mailings? Why is this?

It is likely that you have more than one account.  If you purchased shares on different occasions, this can result in duplicate accounts being opened if your name and address are recorded in a different way.  If you find that you are receiving unnecessary duplicate mailings, please write to the Registrars, who will be delighted to consolidate any holdings.

Why don’t I receive shareholder mailings?

It may be that you have a nominee holding through an ISA or other share brokerage account.  This means that you are not named on the register and do not have a share certificate.   You can obtain a statement of holding through your ISA provider or broker, receive annual reports and vote at general meetings.  If you have any queries, please contact your ISA provider in the first instance.

If you have a joint shareholding and are not the first-named shareholder on the register, you may not receive mailings in your name as all shareholder communications are normally sent to the first-named shareholder only.

I don’t appear to have received a dividend?

Please contact the Registrars immediately.

I have a cheque which is more than a year old? Will I lose the dividend?

No, please contact the Registrars and they will issue you with a replacement cheque.

Can I receive my dividends directly into my bank account?

Yes, you can have cash dividends paid directly to your bank or building society account, or receive a cheque at your registered address.

If dividends are paid direct to your bank or building society account through the BACS system, it avoids the risk of cheques being lost in the post and your dividend will be in your account on the day the payment is made. To have dividends paid directly to your bank or building society account simply complete and send the Request for Payment of Interest or Dividends Form to Capita Registrars.

I live abroad, can my dividends be paid to me in my local currency and to my local bank account?

Yes. If you are resident outside the UK, you can arrange for your dividends to be paid directly into your bank account via the Company’s Registrars’ global payments service. Details and terms and conditions may be viewed at

Can I receive my dividend in shares?

Yes. You can elect to use your cash dividend to buy more Compass shares under the Dividend Reinvestment Plan (‘DRIP’).   On or about each dividend payment date, the Registrar will calculate the number of shares that can be bought with your dividend at current market prices (after deduction of costs and expenses) and then purchase this number of shares on your behalf. Any cash balance remaining after the purchase of shares will be retained, without interest, and added to your next quarterly dividend.

Dividend Reinvestment Plan Terms and Conditions are available upon request via the Capita Shareholder Helpline on 0800 280 2545, by email: or visit


Can I receive the annual report online?

Yes, you can elect to receive an email notification each time a new shareholder report or other shareholder communication is placed on our website, and download the report.

How do I register for electronic communications?

To receive your shareholder communications electronically, logon to;

Click on ‘Register for the Share Portal’ on the right hand side of the page; Type in ‘Compass’ and click ‘Search’;

Click on ‘Compass Group PLC’:

Enter your details including your investor code (which you will find on your share certificate or on your dividend tax voucher) to register for the Share Portal.

You will then be able to access your Compass Group shareholding and register to receive all future communications electronically.

If you have any questions, please telephone from within the UK Freephone 0800 280 2545 and from overseas +44 20 7763 0041.

To thank you, Compass will ask the CarbonNeutral Company to dedicate a tree in your name in the UK.