Code of Ethics

As a world leader in our field we recognise that we have to set the very highest standards for ethical business practice. Every individual employee shares a responsibility to uphold these standards and to conduct our business in a professional, safe, ethical and responsible manner.

Our Code of Ethics, developed in consultation with our European Works Council and the Institute of Business Ethics, sets out the clear standards of behaviour that we expect all of our people to demonstrate in dealing with colleagues and those outside the company such as customers, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders. These are reflected in the five sections of the Code:

  1. Relations with our employees
  2. Relations with our customers
  3. Relations with our investors
  4. Relations with our suppliers and subcontractors
  5. Relations with governments and the wider community

The Code underpins our social, ethical and environmental commitments and sends a powerful message to all our stakeholders of Compass Group’s commitment to responsible business practice. The 10 principles of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact, to which we are a signatory, are integral to our own Code of Ethics. This UN initiative encourages companies to commit to make human rights, labour standards, environmental responsibility and anti-corruption part of the business agenda whilst maintaining competitive advantage.