Wellness & Nutrition

As a global foodservice company we fully understand the enormous influence on what the millions of consumers we serve daily choose to eat and drink and the responsibility we have in helping them make informed choices about diet and nutrition.

We know that poor eating habits have a direct relationship to overall health and wellbeing, as well as an impact on issues such as academic attainment, patient recovery and workplace productivity – all important matters for our clients in the respective sectors.

We work closely with our clients, suppliers, governments and regulators across the world to take a lead role in responding to emerging public health issues associated with obesity and diet. In addition we work with clients, national and international organisations to actively support specific health awareness campaigns.

Our in-house dieticians work with our culinary, product development and purchasing teams to create menu programmes that combine menu planning, labelling and promotion, and educational training for our people to deliver food choices that are safe, nutritious and balanced, and suit the lifestyle and tastes of our consumers.