Our objective is to deliver value to our shareholders and customers by leveraging the benefits of being a Group to deliver structured and sustainable organic growth and achieve our vision to be a world-class provider of food and support services.

To achieve these goals our strategy focuses on:

  • Developing our existing expertise and strengths in contract foodservice and a range of support services in those sectors and countries that have real prospects for growth, as well as providing the global capability necessary to support our growing international client base.
  • Delivering the highest quality and service performance, whilst at the same time relentlessly driving to be the lowest cost, most efficient provider.
  • Establishing a strong performance culture, based on a global performance framework, MAP (short for Management and Performance), which concentrates on the five key drivers of our performance:
    1. Client Sales & Marketing
    2. Consumer Sales & Marketing
    3. Cost of Food
    4. Unit Costs
    5. Above Unit Costs
  • Setting the highest standards for corporate governance and responsible business practice, including all aspects of business conduct, health, safety and environmental practices.