At Compass we have regular materiality assessments to identify and explore in depth the issues that matter most to our stakeholders around the world. 

Each year, we review the issues which matter most to our business and stakeholders to help us better assess our key business risks and opportunities. Through this process we have identified seven issues we believe materially impact our business and our relationships with our stakeholders.

These material issues define our pillars – the key areas we focus on.

Our people

Workplace health and safety

Transparency around the processes and controls in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our people.

Employee recruitment and retention 

Provide our people with training and development opportunities. Recognise and reward their great work.

Responsible sourcing

Product safety

Visibility around the ingredients that we source for our operations.

Supply chain integrity

Ensure our supply chain is acting responsibly and humanely towards its workforce.

CBC compliance 

Ensure the implementation of our Codes of Business Conduct and Ethics. Measure and report concerns via the Speak Up whistleblowing programme.

Health and wellbeing

Wellbeing and nutrition 

Promote simple product labelling and signposting to encourage our consumers to make healthy choices.

Environmental reporting

Environmental reporting

Transparency around our environmental impacts, target setting and reporting to demonstrate progress.