Safety Culture

Compass chefs working in the kitchen, wearing food preparation gloves

At Compass, keeping everyone safe is our top priority. We do this by operating a safe, injury-free and healthy workplace, serving food that is always safe to eat and providing service with consumer and community safety top of mind.

Case Studies

Award winning safety across the Group

Compass Group works hard to maintain a culture that prioritises safety and one which empowers our people to take individual and collective responsibility. Across the Group, our teams have won the following safety awards throughout 2022:

  • Australia - 2022 Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology President’s Award for Service Excellence - Dr Justin Whitely
  • Canada - Best Safety Communications program award at the 2022 OHS Canada Awards
  • Ireland - ‘Higher Distinction’ and ‘Consistent High Achiever’ awards at the 2022 NISO Awards
  • Middle East – ‘Best HSE Service Provider’ and ‘Best HSE Manager’ at the Taqdeer H&S Awards for Expo 2020 Contractors
Safety Awards 2022
Screenshot of the Actimo HSE app on an iphone screen

Fostering best-practice with mobile-first platform

Business success goes hand-in-hand with creating a culture of collaboration and sharing. Our Compass Group Safety teams are professionals constantly on-the-go, so the creation and consumption of information should be as well. 

With the support of Actimo, we launched a mobile-first platform for our global safety teams. The platform provides the opportunity to share ideas, encourage conversation and learn from one another; furthering our journey in safety excellence.


Our approach is based on education, intervention and collaboration. Sharing lessons learned across our businesses has been fundamental to maintaining our solid track record in safety.

Whilst each locality adopts processes specific to national safety risks and legislation, all apply three key Group protocols:

  1. Our Global Safety Standards
  2. Our Global Supply Chain Integrity Standards
  3. Our Global Allergen Management Plan

Optimising and evolving our systems

Continued investment in safety management systems across our operations demonstrates our commitment to market-leading health and safety expertise. It also supports our drive for transparency and accountability. Each country leverages a bespoke safety management system, supporting leadership safety interactions, operational risk assessments and incident management. Insights gained from these systems further support process improvement across the business.

Our safety performance is continuously monitored, transparently reported and considered at every meeting of the Board and the Corporate Responsibility Committee.

Personal safety

Our safety culture emphasises the fundamental importance of incident prevention and intervention. Through awareness, information and training, we empower our people to take individual and collective responsibility for their own safety and the safety of those around them.

In 2022, our global Lost Time Incident Frequency Rate (LTIFR) fell to 2.27, below the limit of 2.79. We had a total of 2,005 global lost time incidents in 2022, which represents a 33% reduction in incident numbers since 2018. 

Food safety

Compass’ core values and global safety protocols guide the decisions, actions and behaviours of our people and serve as a foundation for the way we conduct business.

Our suppliers undergo a rigorous approval process, with any areas for improvement rapidly remedied to mitigate wider risks. An increasing number of our businesses’ sites operate to ISO 22000 food safety management system standards or similar Safe Quality Food (SQF) standards. Food safety training is delivered at the local level to account for unique market risks associated with food hygiene and allergen regulations.

We take a robust approach to any food safety incidents, with protocols in place to report and respond rapidly. Learnings are shared internally to continually evaluate and improve practices. In 2022, our Food Safety Incident (FSIR) rate fell to 0.14, below the limit of 0.24. We had a total of 849 food safety incidents in 2022, which represents a 42% reduction in incident numbers since 2018. 

Safety governance

We have worked hard to create a culture that takes safety seriously and to train our people to adopt behaviours that keep them free from harm. Board and Executive Committee meetings regularly feature health and safety updates. The Corporate Responsibility Committee reviews the Group’s Health and Safety Policies annually to ensure that they continue to reflect our aims and aspirations and adhere to current legislation.

Our safety culture empowers our people to take responsibility for their safety and the safety of their colleagues. This is further cultivated by our network of safety leaders operating at every level within our businesses.

Safety targets

Countries are required to report monthly to the Company on their LTIFR and FSIR. The management bonus scheme is linked to these key performance indicators. 

Workplace Health & Safety Policy Statement


Food Safety Policy Statement