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We want to make it easier for consumers to make choices that are better for both people and planet. This means nudging positive choices with our plant-forward menus, whilst optimising nutrition, sustainability and affordability of tasty foods.

Case Studies

Compass Group UKI: Our Wellbeing Promise

With the goal of addressing the national obesity issue and enhancing everyone's quality of life and productivity, Compass Group UK & Ireland (UK&I) has introduced "Our Wellbeing Promise." In the UK&I, we produce 500 million meals annually at more than 6,000 client locations and we are aiming to change the way we approach nutrition and wellbeing by integrating behavioural science into our operations. This will expand the variety of healthy food options on offer, whilst continuing to educate both our customers and employees on the topic.

As part of this, we will update over 10,000 of our recipes to go above and beyond the Government's recommendations for a balanced diet. Where sugar is used as an ingredient, we’ve committed to a 20% decrease.

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Recognising ongoing cost of living pressures, Compass Group UK&I will fund programmes that make nutritious food available to people at risk of hunger, using our own platforms to promote this work in collaboration with food poverty charities and NGOs.

As part of our efforts to improve workplace cultures surrounding mental health, paid volunteering wellness days and company-wide "wellness breaks" are also being implemented.

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Nudging consumer behaviour with eco-labelling

Compass Group UKI partnered with one of our global clients to run a two-month food eco-labelling pilot in London. With the support of Foodsteps, a leading provider of environmental footprint data and environmental labels, we assessed the environmental impact of every ingredient used in our recipes, including carbon footprint, land and water use, and pollution. Clear eco-labels were then attached to each product showing consumers an A-E eco rating, serving as clear indicators to recommended more sustainable choices for customers.

We found that 63% of the foods on our pilot menu fell into the most sustainable A or B categories. The pilot recorded a 15% increase in choices rated A, resulting in a rollout of the programme to the rest of the UK and to two further global locations in Hong Kong and Dubai.

A sustainable future for all

As we work towards a sustainable future for all, we are doubling down on our Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing strategic commitments: our teams of nutritionists and registered dieticians work alongside our chefs to develop and reformulate recipes and add more healthy items to our menus. 

At the same time, we are working with our clients to help consumers make informed and healthier choices. We do this through a number of evidenced behavioural mechanisms, including choice design techniques to canteen layouts, menu labelling and communications campaigns.

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Food Safety Policy Statement

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Case Study Archive

Launching the Asia Pacific Culinary Council

In 2021, we launched the Asia Pacific Culinary Council, our platform for driving positive change through our community of culinary leaders and industry partners.  The aim is to drive sustainable innovation in our own kitchens and to inspire wider action in our supply chains and beyond.

The Council has 22 representatives from the APAC region and leverages culinary expertise and shares knowledge across the region to make our meals even healthier and more plant-forward, while avoiding food waste and carbon, and promoting diversity. 

The Council convenes chefs and culinary leaders, alongside regional leads from Diversity & Inclusion, operations, nutrition, health, safety and sustainability and is sponsored by our regional leaders. Using the platform, we have invited industry leaders such as Paul Newnham, Director of SDG2 Advocacy Hub and United Nations Chair for Public Engagement Taskforce, for discussions on the UN Food Systems Summit and campaigns on sustainable food systems.

In 2021 the council has worked closely with the EAT Foundation on developing healthier and more sustainable menu guidelines inspired by the EAT Planetary Health diet. These resources will give Compass team members science-based guidelines to create dishes that are better for individual health and also reduce our impact on the planet.

Compass colleagues from around the world also shared their tried and tested innovations, including alternatives to single-use plastic gloves and cling wrap (Singapore), immuno-boosting menus (India), interactive sessions to showcase plant-forward techniques to intern chefs (Singapore) and hydroponic systems to produce salad (Kazakhstan).

With monthly meetings and project breakout groups, an annual summit, and the future chef exchange programme – the Asia Pacific Culinary Council is a beacon for what collaborative action can achieve for nutrition, health and wellbeing.