Corporate Governance

Committed to the highest standards

As a company, we remain committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance. We strongly believe that good governance is at the heart of, and is fundamental to, the effective management of the business, its long term sustainability and continued success.

The Board leads the Group’s governance framework; it is responsible for setting the strategic targets for the Group, monitoring progress made, approving proposed actions and ensuring that the appropriate internal controls are in place and that they are operating effectively.

The Board is assisted by four principal committees (Audit, Corporate Responsibility, Nomination and Remuneration), each of which is responsible for reviewing and dealing with matters within its own terms of reference. The Company also has a number of executive management committees (Disclosure, General Business and Executive Board). These have been established in order to consider various issues and matters for recommendation to the Board and its principal committees or to deal with day to day matters within the authority granted by the Board.

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