Our global commitment to a sustainable future for all is enshrined in our Planet Promise. It encompasses our values as an ethical, sustainable and inclusive business, together with our ambition to make a positive impact for the planet.

Our approach is continually evaluated against the highest international principles. To maximise the positive change we can achieve for both people and the planet, we have aligned our sustainability strategy with the nine UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) where we can have the greatest impact and the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.

Upholding the many policies and protocols relating to our Sustainability Strategy rests on a culture of ethical conduct and integrity, which is instilled through our Ethics and Integrity team and our Speak Up confidential reporting programme.

Our strategy

The international food industry has a major role to play in driving the transition to a healthy and sustainable global food system. As the market leader, we are rising to this challenge by helping people to eat better, for their health and the planet.

Wheel showing the purpose strategy

Stakeholder engagement and materiality

We have a wide range of stakeholders who influence or are affected by our day to day business, with varying needs and expectations. Our stakeholders include employees, investors, clients and consumers, suppliers, NGOs and government agencies.

UN Sustainable development goals

Of the 17 goals designed by the United Nations to help deliver the 2030 vision for a more sustainable planet, we have identified nine where we believe we can make the most positive social impact.

Sustainable Development Goals

Caring for people

Our teams globally work hard to ensure the food they serve is safe and high quality. We continue to celebrate the leadership of our chefs, who are providing sustainable and safe food at scale, promoting healthier choices and creating great experiences for the people we serve. 

We place great emphasis on learning and development and building a culture where everyone can be their true selves. In our communities, we invest strategically in local sourcing and social enterprises, and partner with local charities.

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Protecting the planet

Across the Group, we continue to explore ways of being more environmentally responsible. This includes engaging with our suppliers, colleagues, clients and consumers to redesign our menus, promote a plant forward diet, fight food waste and electrify our fleet. By leading on the environment and driving innovation, we can help protect the global food system from rising global temperatures, water stress and extreme weather events that disrupt supply chains, reduce crop yields and damage community livelihoods. 

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2023 Highlights

  • 12% reduction in emissions (2022 vs 2019 baseline)
  • c.8,000 sites with food waste recording technology
  • 1.6million meals donated to charity
  • 93% of sites offering at least one healthy meal
  • £689m of sustainable bond proceeds allocated

Sustainability Governance

The Corporate Responsibility (CR) Committee oversees  the development and implementation of policies and strategies such as our climate net zero commitment, to ensure progress is being made towards our KPIs and GHG emissions targets.

The CR Committee receives reports at every meeting from the Group Chief Commercial Officer, the Global Director of Sustainability and other senior managers to ensure that progress is being made. Our governance practices also support us in upholding the high standards of ethics and integrity that have earned us our position as a global leader and trusted partner.

The CR Committee meets at least three times a year and comprises all the non-executive directors of the Board, together with the Chair of the Board, Group Chief Executive Officer and Group Chief Financial Officer.  Find out more about our sustainability governance in our latest Annual Report.