Reusable Solutions

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Our economy is currently defined as linear; we take resources from the Earth, turn them into products and discard them as waste. By shifting our mindset, Compass Group is driving a circular approach to promote the reuse of materials. It is a transition which is underpinned by circular economy principles, such as 'eliminate' and 'recirculate'.

Packaging is at the forefront of our drive. It is a large contributor to the single-use culture we are accustomed to. Whilst we recognise the critical role that packaging plays in food safety, as one of the world's leading food services companies, we have a responsibility to take sustainable action.

We are working with our suppliers to fast-track sustainable alternatives over single-use products and fossil fuel based plastics. Across our operations we have actively reduced unnecessary packaging and gone further to introduce reusable solutions whilst continuing to search for better alternatives.


Operating a zero-waste stadium

CITYPARK, home of St. Louis CITY Soccer Club, are hosting their debut season in a zero-waste stadium. In partnership with our Levy Restaurants team, all waste generated will either be reduced, reused, recycled or composted. The commitment to sustainability includes eliminating single-use consumer plastics, recycling and composting, comprehensive energy efficiency and water conservation initiatives, and partnering with food donation programs. St. Louis CITY has been committed to consumer waste reduction and food rescue from the start of the project, and the efforts to weave it into every aspect of stadium operations are set to make a significant impact.

Our city, our future logo of operating a zero-waste stadium in St. Louis
France repurposing used catering equipment

Repurposing used catering equipment

Compass Group France has partnered with Vesto, a French start-up business who recondition used professional catering equipment. Contributing to a circular economy, we’re combatting against the 30,000 tons of café, hotel, restaurant waste thrown away every year in France.

Health and safety is always top of mind, and to guarantee equipment safety meets our high standards, everything is thoroughly checked, repaired as needed, and cleaned. Vesto currently supplies 300 of our sites across France, and we are actively looking to expand our partnership over the coming months.

Relocating to a sustainable head office

Compass Group Sweden recently relocated to a new head office in Stockholm. As part of the relocation, the team were committed to creating a circular and sustainable environment. For instance, tabletops are made from recycled jeans, lamps from PET bottles or palm tree fibres and the floor mats from recycled sea plastic.

The office also features a 14m² plant wall which is constructed from recycled sheet metal boxes and a coffee station, where the counter is vegan leather made of used coffee powder and ground beans. From the choice of furniture to interior design, an office for the future was sustainably created using elements of the past.

Interior shot of Compass Group Sweden head office in Stockholm

Case Study Archive

CARE ZERO Packaging

In Portugal, we launched a ‘CARE Zero Packaging’ Project to reduce surplus packaging at client sites. The project supports Compass Group Eurest’s commitment to Net Zero by 2050, with the objective to eliminate the disposal of unnecessary plastic and paper packaging. The strategy embeds a simple approach, encouraging clients to use tongs to serve themselves, without jeopardising food safety. The strategy offers multiple advantages including reductions in water consumption, quantity of packaging, and business costs.  

To date, the team have reported a 100% reduction in paper straws and eliminated 24% of paper bags used for cutlery. They have also increased the amount of bread served to consumers without a paper bag by 53%. These achievements amount to 9 tonnes less paper used, equivalent to saving 148 trees. 

Sensor dispensers for salad dressing

In Türkiye, we’ve implemented a technical solution to tackle plastic waste thanks to the successful deployment of sensor dispensers for salad dressing across service locations throughout the country. Standard portions of vinegar, lemon juice, and olive oil are poured by dispensers, eliminating the needs for plastic sachets while reducing excessive waste. In just one month, this simple initiative avoided the consumption of 3,000 plastic sachets of salad sauces at one site alone. 

Switching to reusable takeout containers

Chartwells Higher Education at American University in Washington, DC was proud to introduce OZZI reusable takeout containers to its main dining facility, Terrace Dining Room (TDR).

Traditionally, TDR served 39,000 meals in takeaway containers each semester (of which all were single-use containers). With the introduction of the reusable OZZI containers, the university estimates they will divert 2,571 pounds of waste from landfills.