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Compass Group has a passionate commitment to uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity which has earned us our position as a global leader and trusted partner.

As a people business and an organisation with a reputation for strong governance, we believe in responsible leadership; to set the standard and act as a role model for ethical behaviour and integrity-driven decisions. Through an inclusive and supportive culture, we promote a workplace where our people and partners can speak up and be heard. In doing so, we continue to foster a culture of openness, trust and integrity, encouraging our people to trust their instincts and do what is right.

We have a strong track record in ethically delivering high quality services to our clients. We have a comprehensive zero-tolerance global Code of Business Conduct and Business Integrity Policy that we expect everyone working for Compass to adhere to, without exception or compromise. Our Values, Commitments, Code and Policy guide the decisions, actions and behaviours of our people and serve as a foundation for the way we conduct business with our clients, suppliers, business partners and the communities in which we operate.

Our Code and Business Integrity Policy are personally endorsed by the Group CEO and implementation, including key integrity principles and expectations, is reinforced by Compass’ global Ethics and Integrity programme.


"Integrity to me is living our values through our actions, behaviours and decisions and having the character and courage to do what is right, not what is easy."

Dominic Blakemore

Group Chief Executive

5 Golden Rules

Our 5 Golden Rules summarise the Company’s expectations for our employees in relation to conduct, attitude and priorities at work. They encapsulate all the areas covered in our Code of Business Conduct.

  1. Health and safety is our number one priority – make sure it is your number one priority too.
  2. Any unethical or illegal activity is strictly prohibited including corruption, bribery, anti-competitive behaviour or fraud.
  3. Be kind and caring. Treat each other fairly, with respect and dignity.
  4. Always be professional, polite, honest and transparent when engaging with clients, customers, suppliers and colleagues.
  5. Act with integrity. Don’t do anything which could harm Compass’ reputation.

Ethics and Integrity Programme

Our programme activities contribute to providing the conditions and requirements for Compass’ employees and those who act on behalf of our company to ensure business is conducted in an ethical, fair and responsible way. Our global Ethics and Integrity programme includes clear policies, procedures and controls to help everyone prepare, prevent, detect and respond to any inappropriate behaviour.

We embrace a continuous improvement approach and remain agile, adjusting programme activities in response to emerging or identified business integrity risks, including remediation, to prevent reoccurrence in the event of an instance of non-compliance.

We take a risk-based approach that centres around creating awareness of business integrity risks and red flag spotting. We prioritise efforts and programme activities aligned to risk assessments, analytical trends and insights and foster a culture of integrity through responsible leadership to promote and maintain a strong tone from the top at country, regional and Group levels in order to remain a trusted partner and equitable employer. 

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Leadership and Oversight

The Executive Committee maintains overall oversight of our Ethics & Integrity programme activities and strategy developed and managed by our Group Head of Ethics and Integrity and dedicated team of specialist resources. Compass Group PLC Board committees oversee programme implementation and continued improvement, business integrity risk management and the system of internal controls as part of the Audit Committee and Corporate Responsibility Committee terms of reference.

"Our programme’s purpose is to protect our people, our assets, our reputation and our relationships with stakeholders."

Stephen Storey 

Group Head of Ethics and Integrity

Our Resources

Business Integrity Policy

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Code of Business Conduct

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Global Supplier Code of Conduct

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Our priority is to ensure we partner with suppliers who share similar values to ours and uphold the same high ethical standards and principles. Through the Compass Group Global Supplier Code of Conduct, we actively promote responsible business practices across our supply chain and aim to positively influence our business partners to keep the bar high by further raising awareness of the five focus areas including business integrity and ethical principles, as well as human rights and labour standards.  

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Speak Up, We’re listening

A strong culture of integrity is promoted through our Ethics and Integrity programme and our independently operated Speak Up, We’re Listening helpline and web platform.

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Speak Up, We’re Listening is Compass Group’s confidential reporting programme that is accessible to anyone, available 24/7 365 days a year and is independently managed by Compass Group Ethics and Integrity. Speak Up, We’re Listening is designed to further empower anyone to raise concerns or allegations of potential misconduct knowing that each concern is assessed, followed up and investigated (if appropriate).

For more information click here or to raise a concern, visit our Speak Up, We’re listening portal.

We encourage everyone who works for Compass as well as our Business Partners to Speak Up if something doesn’t feel right. Everyone at Compass has a duty and responsibility to Listen Up to those who raise their voice, and do the right thing by following up. 

Human Rights Policy

We support the dignity, wellbeing, and human rights of our people and of the individuals who work in our supply chains and in the communities where we operate. For more information, please read our Human Rights Policy and our Modern Slavery Statement.