Caring For Our People

Compass Group is proud to be one of the world’s largest employers, and the wellbeing of our colleagues is always a priority for us - because it is our people who deliver our great service and great results.

Our colleagues operate in a diverse range of client environments, across many local and national contexts, so there is no one size fits all approach. However, within Compass there is a universal focus on creating a truly inclusive culture with flexible work opportunities; upholding high standards of ethics and integrity; offering apprenticeships and professional training to build colleague skills including culinary, numeracy, literacy and language; and aspiring to provide fulfilling lifetime careers with the opportunity to enhance pay. 

We know from our engagement with colleagues that these priorities are what attracts them to Compass, and they are passionate about the work that they do for our clients.

Supporting our colleagues

As a global business, operating in 40 markets worldwide, we are proud to offer such a huge variety of flexible jobs in our industry, with opportunities for our people to progress, upskill through training, and build lifetime careers with Compass.

Creating a caring culture is at the heart of our wellbeing strategy, with tailored programmes in different countries providing as much support as we can for colleagues in keeping with our values and within the parameters of our decentralised operating model.

We are training line managers and mental health first aiders in Australia, US, Canada, UK, and EME to raise awareness, create safe spaces and break down the stigmas associated with mental health. And we are supporting our colleagues to deal with financial pressures through initiatives ranging from free meals, emergency financial support, early access to pay, fuel packages and childcare support, to broader employee assistance programmes including counselling and financial education.

Group of colleagues standing clapping and smiling at a team meeting
Two colleagues standing next to each other smiling and looking happy

UK&I Support

We have approximately 50,000 colleagues in our UK & Ireland business delivering c.10% of Compass Group‘s annual global revenues. 

As well as providing a wide range of fulfilling and flexible jobs across multiple sectors, with on-the-job training and the ability to build their own schedules, we also provide a comprehensive package of support which includes:

  • 200,000 free meals for our colleagues every week 
  • Advocacy with clients for a Real Living Wage and bringing forward the Real Living Wage uplift to 1 November 2022 for our direct employees
  • Access to our 'Helping Hands' fund, providing grants to colleagues in need to help with emergency payments
  • Providing a range of salary-linked financial wellbeing products including affordable loans, salary advances and financial education 

In addition, our colleagues have access to 24/7 medical and counselling support, and regular discounts for their household shopping through our Perks at Work scheme. We are also extending our community food donation scheme to include hot meals.

Three chefs fist pumping and smiling for the camera

Open to all

We believe that diversity of thought, experience and background at every level makes us a better business. We are committed to hiring, developing and retaining diverse talent which reflects the communities in which we operate. 

We take a holistic approach to ensure people feel welcome and are treated fairly and with respect, regardless of their background, including but not limited to race, gender, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, disability, belief or experience. 

Preparing our people

Personal skills and career growth are Compass commitments. We want everyone to have the opportunity to develop their skills.

We have launched virtual training and development programmes using new digital capabilities embraced during the pandemic. The new methods of delivery have added engaging, interactive solutions to our broad portfolio of Learning and Development offers.

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Colleagues in a team meeting raising their hands and smiling

Engaging our people

As our people are at the centre of our business, it is crucial that they have a voice in the way we operate. Their meaningful engagement enables our business and their experiences to continue to improve.

Listening to what our colleagues have to say and making changes to improve their experience is one way we can positively impact them and their families. We have a structured approach to delivering our ambition to create truly inclusive workplaces, which is based on continuous listening, gathering insights, taking action and proactive communications.

Awards & Recognition

Logos of different HR awards Compass has won

We are also active members and signatories of Women in Hospitality, Travel and Leisure (WiHTL), 30% Club, UN Global Compact: Target Gender Equality Accelerator Programme, Race at Work Charter and Valuable 500.

Case Studies

Leadership, talent and skills for growth

Personal skills and career growth are Compass commitments. We want everyone to have the opportunity to develop their skills. Here's some examples of how we have been bringing this to life throughout 2021:

  • Australia: Invested AU$1m in the Compass Leadership Academy, where learning experts support the development of leaders throughout the business with a series of programmes including Induction; Stepping Up; Management Essentials; and Coaching and Leadership.
  • USA: Launched a digital module on COVID-19 training which enabled the business to reach over 140,000 employees quickly and with consistent standards on health and safety protocols
  • UK & Ireland: Introduced landmark culinary programme in collaboration with esteemed chef Marcus Wareing designed to build skills, grow knowledge and expand imagination. The business also launched the Compass Academy to train and develop future workers in the hospitality sector. The Academy will be housed in a state-of-the-art facility near areas of low socioeconomic growth, offering onsite and online training in a range of skills applicable to the food service industry

Our diverse talent is our strength

Creating an environment where colleagues are welcomed and can be themselves, feel they belong and fulfil their potential puts us one step ahead:


  • The business is proud to support the Clontarf and Wirrpanda Foundations, providing Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Australians with opportunities for work experience, training and employment.
  • 47 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses provide goods and services to operations across the country.
  • The business exceeded its target of placing 1,050 new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander jobseekers into employment for its Commonwealth Indigenous Employment Parity Initiative Project, achieving 1,879 placements. 
  • In June 2021 the business unveiled The Academy; a training centre designed to upskill 3,500 existing and new employees. It aims to change and improve the resident experience in remote resource camps. Further Academies are to be opened across Australia in the coming year.


  • As a patron member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, Compass Group Canada continues to demonstrate leadership in supporting Aboriginal economic and business development initiatives throughout Canada.
  • In 2021 ESS Support Services Worldwide maintained Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) Program – Gold PAR Level Achievement, in recognition of strategic engagement with Aboriginal businesses and communities.
  • ESS has invested over $1.2m(CDN) in subcontracting opportunities with Indigenous businesses in 2021.
  • 1,068 ESS associates completed the Indigenous Awareness Training course in 2021.


  • Same Day Pay - a new benefit enabling colleagues to access 50% of earned wages in advance of payday, helping them to manage their finances more effectively
  • Over the last 12 months the business has invested in expanding Thompson Hospitality’s Navigate internship programme which serves children in underprivileged communities. This is an established part of the business’s commitment to DE&I, positioning Compass US as an industry leader.
  • Surveyed its people on the topic of Diversity and Inclusion and shared detailed insights with each of its sectors. As a result, each sector has now formed action plans to attract and develop ethnically diverse talent, this has already led to 3% increase in promotion rates amongst ethnically diverse employees.

UK & Ireland:

  • Compass in the UK is a Living Wage service provider as recognised by the Living Wage Foundation. This means that the business pays all its direct workers (those not on client contracts) the Real Living Wage (RLW) or above. In conjunction with the Living Wage Foundation the business has held both client and supplier events to advocate for RLW across the industry.
  • Launched a new ambassador programme, Within, which aims to promote cultural diversity in a work environment, sharing best practice and inspiring others to make inclusion a reality.
  • Implemented a Dignity at Work Policy to promote positive behaviours in the workplace and have trained 51,000 colleagues since 2019.
  • During Pride month The Pride in Food network held a dedicated session on the correct use of personal pronouns.

“Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is an essential factor: global and societal movements have pushed it to the forefront for employees, customers, clients and investors. It touches every part of our business, from the way we recruit and retain talent, to our supply chain and the communities in which we operate. At Compass, our diverse talent is our strength, and we are committed to creating lifelong careers and opportunities so that they can flourish.”

Sabina Khanom, Group Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Working For Us

No other company can offer such a wide range of great opportunities in the business of food and support services – in around 40 countries and in almost every imaginable industry.