Our Pillars

Our sustainability priorities address material issues and help to shape our priorities and activities moving forward.


Being an inclusive employer that treats people well, provides apprenticeships and training, and helps individuals to grow rewarding careers with us means we can attract and retain great talent. 

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Safety Culture

Safety is vitally important to us: we care about our people and consumers and work hard to prevent them from coming to any harm.

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Health and Wellbeing

What we choose to eat and drink is one of the biggest determinants of wellbeing. We aim to make a difference to people’s health, happiness and productivity by supporting them to eat well and lead a healthy life.

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Environmental Game Changers 

As a leading food service business, we are targeting specific areas where we are able to make a significant positive impact on the food system and the environment.

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Better for the World 

Working with local communities and our own supply chains as well as global partners, we leverage our scale to make a positive contribution to the world.

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