Responsible Sourcing

Having a safe and sustainable supply chain is important for us to deliver the quality of food service that is a key business driver for Compass. 

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Animal Welfare

The welfare of farm animals within our global supply chains is important to us and is a key element of our Responsible Sourcing strategy.

The provenance and quality of the food we purchase is a key consideration for us. We require that food is purchased only from authorised suppliers and we work closely with our supply partners to ensure that they continue to meet the standards that we require.


Global supply chain integrity 

Our aim is to have industry leading standards that set the benchmark for performance regarding purchasing and supply chain practices. Our global Supply Chain Integrity Standards set out the minimum sourcing requirements for the mitigation of key risks to the integrity of our supply chain. The standards are regularly reviewed and updated, providing our customers with the assurance that we will provide them with food that is safe, wholesome and responsibly sourced.


We regularly review country performance against our global Supply Chain Integrity Standards to promote consistency in operating practices across the Group.

Case studies

Working towards sustainable fish cities

Fisheries contribute significantly to global food security, livelihoods and the economy. However, over the past 30 years the percentage of world marine fish stocks within biologically sustainable levels has declined from 90% to 69%. We are committed to serving sustainable seafood across all our restaurants. As part of this ongoing journey, our Levy Restaurant team in the UK has signed up to the Sustainable Fish Cities pledge. We are proud to support this initiative which means we will only serve sustainable fish at our Levy Restaurants across the UK, from Hever Castle in Kent to the SECC Hydro in Glasgow.

As part of the pledge, we will be sharing with all our consumers and the public our policy on sustainable seafood, to raise awareness of the importance of protecting precious marine environments and fish stocks and supporting good fishing livelihoods.

“We are delighted that Levy Restaurants UK has signed the Sustainable Fish Cities Pledge. By adopting a sustainable fish policy across their whole business, it makes sustainable fish normal. Knowing that Levy customers are being served sustainable fish at any one of the venues it operates across the UK is fantastic news.”

Ruth Westcott, coordinator of Sustainable Fish Cities

Responsible sourcing for healthy food

Human life depends on the earth for sustenance and livelihoods. Plant life provides 80% of our human diet, and we rely on agriculture as an important economic resource and means of development. Yet around the world we are seeing unprecedented land degradation, with drought and desertification resulting in the loss of 12 million hectares of agricultural land each year (UN 2016)1.

Compass is dedicated to building and supporting sustainable agricultural systems. Our team in France is a member of the Board of the Coopérative Bio d'Île de France. This is the first organic farmers' Coopérative, in Île de France, Northern France and brings together 32 local farms.

The Coopérative offers a wide range of regional organic produce direct from its members, including fresh and dried organic vegetables, organic fruit and dairy products. As an administrator of the Coopérative, we will be able to work closely with the organic producers to offer them new opportunities, such as extending the range of products,to include organic eggs, organic meat and poultry beyond the traditional seasonal fruits and vegetables.

“At Compass Group France, our goal for several years has been to reduce our environmental impact and to commit ourselves to responsible nutrition. That is why we are very pleased with this involvement with the Coopérative Bio d'Île de France, with which we have forged a partnership for the past two years and which is growing stronger today."

Valérie Lenglen, responsible for sustainable purchasing - Compass Group France.



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